Why You Should Hire A Charter Bus For Your Wedding


If you are having a large wedding, you have likely already booked the chapel along with the reception site. Unfortunately, if your reception site is located several miles from the chapel, you may have discovered some people who can't attend. In an effort to ensure that everyone you want to be there is there for your big day, you may want to consider offering an alternative for those guests. Here are some reasons you should hire a charter bus for your wedding as a solution for your chapel to reception transportation.

 Large accommodations

A deluxe model charter or coach bus can seat up to 61 people comfortably. This makes it ideal for wedding parties. It also makes them an ideal choice if you have a certain number of people who may decide at the last minute that they would rather take the charter bus accommodations than risk driving back to their hotel or home late at night. There are other options as well, including party bus options and mini bus options that will accommodate less people depending on your needs.

Safe and licenced

When you hire a charter bus for your guests, you don't have to worry about their safety if they decide to drink at the reception. You can ensure them a safe ride to and from the reception with a licenced and insured driver. This often is considered a huge benefit for the bride and groom, who don't want to have to worry about their friends and family on their big night. You can also offer several members of the wedding party as designated chaperones to offer assurance to your guests that they will be taken from the bus to their hotel safely.

Drop-off and pick-up Services

Some brides and grooms think of the drop-off services that a charter bus offers and do not think of the pick-up services as well. With certain charter bus companies, you can schedule the bus to perform one or several pick-ups throughout the evening. This is ideal for guests that may want to attend to the reception but leave early due to work or other obligations. For those guests that want to stay later, they can wait for another pick-up later in the night.

These are just three reasons you should hire a charter bus for your wedding and reception. If you are ready to move forward with the details, contact a local charter bus company like Cathy Glanville. Let them know how many guests you anticipate will be using the service and ask any questions you have. They will be happy to help you schedule the charter bus as well as answer any questions you may have. 


20 November 2014

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