Get Much More From Your Freight Transportation Services Provider


Freight transportation services are an integral part of global trade. They serve as the lifeline of inter- and intra-national business supply chains, providing a network that gets supplies to retailers and retail deliveries to end consumers. However, freight services go beyond the usual movement of goods from one port to another. In today's ever-changing business landscape, coupled with increased trade and stiff competition, freight transport companies can offer your business much more than transit.

Customs brokerage

For importers and exporters, customs clearance can serve as an impediment to smooth business, causing delays or unexpected costs. Today, some freight service companies have taken it upon themselves to fill this need and integrate customs support into their line of services. This helps importers and exporters get duty estimates even before they order for commodities. Therefore, they can prepare beforehand. They also help with clearance of freight so as to reduce delays at entry points.

Intermodal transport service

Often clients need different transport solutions so as to get their products from the pickup point to the final destination. This may involve transferring cargo from water to land, land to air or any combination of these options. With a freight company offering multiple channels of transport (intermodal), your freight gets less handling and is moved faster from one mode to another. This reduces interference, helps you plan better for your freight and gives you the assurance that your items will arrive safely and quickly.

Supply chain logistics

For the most part, freight transport services deal with businesses trying to get their supplies to different supply points within the target market. To avoid repetition of work by both the supplier and freight company, freight services have had to step in and help with supply chain logistics. This way, your goods start dispersing to where they need to be immediately after they arrive. Supply chain services can offer warehousing, merging in transit, cargo separation and dispersion as well as delivery to multiple drop points among other key services. In a way, you get to outsource supply distribution straight from the production point, regardless of where that is.

Transport advice for incoming nationals & businesses

Last but not least, your freight transport services provider should also provide insightful information about new regions or new freight solutions that can help you get your goods delivered faster, safer or cheaper. This is especially important for incoming nationals or businesses that aren't familiar with the terrain, supply channels, routes and legal requirements. The same applies to businesses expanding to new regions. In doing so, the freight company is a logistics partner and not just a provider.

Now the question that remains is whether you're getting all that you need from your freight service provider. If you're not, perhaps it's time to look for a provider that can. For more information, contact a company like Jayde Transport.


2 December 2014

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