What You Need To Know About Refrigeration Units


There are many options available when it comes to refrigeration units. If you are in the market for one, you will come across units that are described as being self-contained, remote,standard top mount, side mount, or saddle mount units. Understanding what some of these terms mean and what you need in a refrigeration unit can help you when it comes to making purchases.

Self-Contained Refrigeration Unit

A self-contained refrigeration unit can be compared to a window AC unit. It is simply plugged into a hole in the window and left to work independently. In the case of the refrigeration unit, the cooler is placed in a special box that holds the unit in place. You then need to connect the electrical wiring and the unit is good to go. One advantage of a self-contained refrigeration unit is that it is easy to set up. You do not have to rely on a professional to help you install it. It is also affordable as compared to the other units. However, it is preferable for smaller units rather than large ones.

Remote Refrigeration Unit

The term remote refers to the fact that the refrigeration unit can be cooled remotely. In this manner, the condensing unit is located outside your house while the box is inside. A refrigeration line connects the condensing unit to the box. It can be complicated to set up and you might need to consult a technician for the installation. Its advantage is that it saves on space and the boxes are more customizable since they do not hold the condensing unit. You can, therefore, choose boxes of any shape or size depending on your needs.

Standard Top Mount Refrigeration Unit

This refrigeration unit comes when it is complete meaning that it only needs to be installed. A technician can help with the installation to ensure that the evaporator is in place. Poor installation of a standard top mount unit can result in the evaporator handing down in a manner that is likely to reduce the performance.

Side Mount Refrigeration Unit

This is similar to the top mount unit with the exception that it is mounted to the side of the wall panels. For them to function properly, they must be attached to a drain hose that removes the condensed water. The hose should lead to a drain nearby.

Saddle Mount Refrigeration Unit

This comes fully assembled and has a special bracket for mounting over the wall panels. This differs from the side mount that requires bolts to attach. Its evaporator coil does not hang down since it is located on top of the unit. With such a pre-assembled refrigeration unit, all you need is transportation to your site.


28 November 2015

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