How To Dress Your Wedding Bus


It's never been more popular to hire a bus to take your wedding guests from the ceremony to the reception than it is now--and it's a super convenient way of getting round the traditional confusion when your special day includes a change of venue at some point. If you're interested in hiring a wedding bus, you're probably wondering how best to decorate it--so read on for some advice!

Banners, Balloons and Bunting 

There's a lot of old-world charm to be had from decor like this, but it's important not to let it get too tacky. Avoid bright colours or anything that looks like it belongs at a children's party--stick to a shabby chic style and embrace the vintage theme by keeping an eye out for cloth bunting rather than plastic. If you're going with a banner, the classic JUST MARRIED can be particularly lovely if approached from an old-fashioned angle.

Flowers and Floral Arrangements

For a truly romantic look, nothing works better than flowers. Talk to the florist who's providing the flowers for your service, and see if they're able to make you up posies to go on the backs of the seats or a few extra arrangements to have at the door of the bus. Go with flowers that match your own bouquet, and look out for floor runners and seat covers that co-ordinate with the blossoms you've chosen to really pull everything together.

Glitter, Glitz and Glamour

Of course, prim floral arrangements and British chic isn't for everyone, and, if you'd rather your wedding bus felt more like a partymobile, that can certainly be arranged! The key to avoiding a sense of tackiness here is to go with something a little Hollywood; pick decorations that have an Art Deco theme to them, make everything that isn't glittering silver a monochrome black and white, and work to ensure that all your elements match perfectly. Hanging a glitterball from the ceiling is also always encouraged for this look.

Perfect Colour Co-Ordination

Whatever you decide, everything will feel more coherent if you make an effort to have a running theme through all the various parts of your day. Whatever your wedding colours are, keep them going in the bus as well-- ask your bus hire company about laying down rugs, throwing cushions onto seats, and anything else you can think of that will make the bus journey feel like an integral part of the experience of your wedding.


18 July 2016

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