Killing Time During Your Lengthy Airport Layover


Whether the result of an unforeseen flight delay or simply a lack of other flight options, everyone faces lengthy airport layover times at some point or another while travelling. If you're not prepared, this limbo state between destinations can be mind numbing and nightmarish, seemingly going on forever. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can kill time to make the wait for your boarding call somewhat more bearable.

Bring your laptop, tablet or phone

Your phone, tablet or laptop can be an invaluable device when you are stranded in an airport. In most Australian airports, or at least at the McDonald's shops at airports, free Wi-Fi connections are extremely common. Find a power outlet (there's usually some near the boarding gate), sit back, and let the hours pass while you watch YouTube videos, browse Facebook, play video games or chat with friends and family. Furthermore, if you think ahead, you can put movies or TV shows onto your device to watch later. 


Combat the stiff and sluggish feeling that comes with sitting in economy class for six hours by stretching and exercising before boarding your next flight. While something as simple as yoga is sure to keep you alert and prepare you for your coming trip, there are often also gyms and fitness centres in international airports if you want to go one step further. Be sure to bring a change of clothes in your hand luggage if you intend a sweaty workout. 

Explore the airport

International airports in Australia and around the world tend to be quite big and are usually chock full of restaurants and duty-free shops. Take a wander, grab something to eat or drink, and spoil yourself with a book or magazine to read during your flight. If spending money doesn't appeal, you could also find a place to sit down and people watch. There are always interesting folks in airports.

Take a trip into town with an airport transfer

Often times, Australian airports allow you to leave the airport, explore any surrounding sites, and return before your flight. If your layover is particularly long, this is a fantastic option. Just make sure you check for any visas you would need ahead of time and ensure there is somewhere to store your luggage before you go. Often airports offer public-transport options, such as trains and buses, into the city centre. If you're willing to spend a little extra cash, you can also organise a taxi or airport transfer service ahead of time or from the relevant desks at the airport. This option, while more expensive, is also the safer option, as you can often decide when and where you want to be collected again. You need to give yourself enough time.

Airport transfer time shouldn't ruin your transit. There are plenty of things to do both in and outside of the airport, as long as you know where to look. 


30 November 2016

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