How to Make Your Wedding Charter Transport Fun


If you are planning your big day, you may be wondering how you will get your guest from the ceremony to the location where the party can take place. The easiest way to do this is to charter a bus. However, after the excitement of the wedding, you do not want your guest to become bored before the party. Below is a guide to 3 ways in which you can make your guest journey a fun and enjoyable experience.


Many bus charter services operate vehicles which are fitted with speakers. When booking your bus hire, you should mention that you would like some music to be played during the journey. You may want to choose songs which are special to you and your partner, or you may want to go for classic pop hits which will get people in the mood for your party. When organising the music, you should ask the transportation company what format they would like to the music to be in. Some buses are fitted with CD players, while others have sockets in which a USB stick or MP3 player can be connected. Once you have made your playlist, you should give it to one of the wedding party who will be travelling on the bus so they can hand it to the driver.

Drinks and Snacks

If the journey is a long one, you may wish to serve drinks and snacks. Again, you should check with the transportation company that this is OK. Serving guest with a small bottle of wine, beer or a can of soft drink can help to keep them happy and satisfied during the journey. You may also wish to supply snacks such as crisps and nuts, as it will normally be quite a while before the main wedding feast is served.

Tour Guide

If the bus will be taking a journey through a city or a scenic and interesting part of the country, you may wish to hire a tour guide. The tour guide will be able to tell the guest about the history of the place they are heading to and can provide interesting facts about the wedding party venue. If you would like further help, you should contact a transportation company which specialises in wedding charter services. Their staff will be happy to offer you additional information and advice about planning this aspect of your big day.

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6 November 2017

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