Top Tips When Choosing Wedding Guest Transport.


Wedding guest transport is an issue of concern as you plan your wedding. The excerpt below discusses some considerations you should make when planning your wedding guest transport

Car hire. 

Car hire is the best means of transport for small groups. You can either choose a saloon car or van to transport guests. Most companies will allow you to decorate the car hire vehicle so long as the décor does not cause scratches or chips on the car. However, you will have to clean the car after using it. 

Stretch limos. 

Stretch limos are perfect for a moderate wedding party of between 10 to 20 guests. Although limos are a bit expensive compared to car hire, they will make the wedding more memorable. Most limos feature top-of-the-range music systems that make the trip enjoyable. Besides, you will have a chauffeur to transport guests to the various venues. 

Bus hire.

Bus hire is best suited for long distances or large groups. There are various types of buses depending on the services offered, number of passengers and distance to be travelled. For instance, coaches are built for long distances. They often have reclining seats, LCD screens and washrooms to ensure the comfort of passengers. Party buses are mainly designed for short distances. They frequently feature in-built bars, club-like lighting, dancing poles and state-of-the-art music systems. If you have a low budget, hire a standard bus to ferry guests. Although these buses do not have luxury facilities, they offer adequate comfort to passengers. 


Horse-drawn carriages will give the wedding a touch of class. The carriage should have requisite permits required to ride on the road. To avoid accidents, the carriage driver should have adequate experience in riding the carriage and sufficient knowledge of Australian road rules.  

Below are a few considerations you need to consider when choosing a means of transport: 

  • Wedding Theme: The colour of the cars or carriage should blend with the chosen wedding theme.
  • Budget: Conduct some research on the pricing of various means to know which fits your budget.
  • Age of Guests: The means you choose must be age-appropriate—for example, senior adults may have problems boarding carriages.
  • Terms of Hire: Some companies have unreasonable conditions that may lead to unexpected penalties.
  • Distance: For long-distance travel, you may need to organise snacks for your guests. 

Car hire, stretch limos and buses are some appropriate means of transport for your wedding guests. Consider your wedding budget, wedding theme, age of guests, terms of hire and distance when choosing a method of transportation.


15 May 2019

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