Top Preparation Tips When Transporting Oversized Loads


Do you plan to transport an oversized load such as a house, yacht, industrial generator or turbine? Heavy haulage can be a nerve-wracking and dangerous affair. Below are some preparation tips to ensure your cargo arrives safely to its destination.

Choosing a Heavy Haulage Company

Your first task is to find a haulage company that can transport your load. Check the portfolios of reputable companies in the country. Work with a company that handles the haulage process from start to finish. This ensures that you'll only deal with one team during the hauling process. The company should help you acquire the relevant permits. Further, they should have the required experts and equipment to load and unload your cargo.

The haulage company will examine the dimensions and weight of your load. It will help them determine if it is an oversized load. Some loads such as houses may need to be dismantled. Very heavy loads need specialised trailers such as self-propelled modular transporters.

Route Planning

As a rule, you should use the safest route. You will need to conduct a road inspection to determine the route with minimal traffic, wide roads, high bridges, and flat roads without steep inclines. Be on the lookout for low-lying branches and electrical cables. If they exist, contact local authorities to get a permit to cut the branches or disconnect power cables as you transport the cargo. Contact the road authorities and if whether the roads you intend to use are safe. For example, some roads may be closed during the rainy season or due to construction works.

There is a curfew on what time you can transport an oversized load in some Australian states. As such, you need to determine your stops before the trip. Your stopovers should be in areas with adequate parking for the oversized load and the support crew. They should allow you to refuel the vehicles and conduct routine service before commencing the journey. 

Pilot Vehicles and Emergency Team

In Australia, oversized vehicles should be escorted by pilot vehicles. These are vehicles with warning signs and lights that warn other road users of an oversized load. Other than the pilot vehicles, you will need an emergency crew consisting of engineers and mechanics to conduct repairs and secure the load. You might need police escorts when passing through urban areas. The police will redirect traffic to prevent traffic jams. 

You should now have an easy time transporting your oversized load. Work with a reputable company, choose a suitable route and have an emergency team. 

To learn more, contact a heavy haulage company.


17 June 2020

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