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Book Storage | 4 Steps To Pack Old Books For Transporting To Storage

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If you’re a reading enthusiast, then you probably have a ton of valuable old books stored in your home. While they’re probably safe where they are at the moment, you now have to plan to move them safely to the storage unit when you’re moving homes or renovating your existing one. This step-by-step guide will help you pack your old books safely for transporting to the storage unit. Use Gloves When Handling Them If you have old books of historical or monetary significance, then you’ll want to be extra careful with the way you handle them to ensure that they remain in pristine condition before being transported to the storage unit. Gloves are recommended because old books are likely to contain dust, pollutants or mould, which could potentially irritate your skin. If you prefer not to use gloves, then make sure you clean, wash and dry your hands, so you don’t damage the books with unnecessary dirt. Cover Each Book With Wrapping Paper If the books are old and tearing, you’ll want to prevent them from further damage, so cover each book with wrapping paper as gently as possible. This will prevent the loose ends of the books from coming into contact with other books or the cardboard box, which could tear them out completely. You can easily get wrapping paper from a stationery store.  Choose An Appropriately Sized Box Keep in mind that you will want to choose a box that isn’t too small or too large for your book collection. If the box is too large and you don’t pack it properly, then the books are likely to slide from one side to the other during transport, which can damage them. The cardboard box size should be just right to store your books in after packing. If there are any loose spaces in the box, fill them up with packing paper to snuggle your books tightly into it, leaving no room for damage. Close The Box And Cover It With Packing Tape Once you have placed the books in the box, close it and wrap it with packing tape. Place the heavier books at the bottom and the lighter books on the top to distribute weight evenly for better safety while handling. If your book collection is expensive, it’s best to mark the box as fragile, so the transporters place the box on the top of other items and not at the...

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What You Need To Know About Refrigeration Units

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There are many options available when it comes to refrigeration units. If you are in the market for one, you will come across units that are described as being self-contained, remote,standard top mount, side mount, or saddle mount units. Understanding what some of these terms mean and what you need in a refrigeration unit can help you when it comes to making purchases. Self-Contained Refrigeration Unit A self-contained refrigeration unit can be compared to a window AC unit. It is simply plugged into a hole in the window and left to work independently. In the case of the refrigeration unit, the cooler is placed in a special box that holds the unit in place. You then need to connect the electrical wiring and the unit is good to go. One advantage of a self-contained refrigeration unit is that it is easy to set up. You do not have to rely on a professional to help you install it. It is also affordable as compared to the other units. However, it is preferable for smaller units rather than large ones. Remote Refrigeration Unit The term remote refers to the fact that the refrigeration unit can be cooled remotely. In this manner, the condensing unit is located outside your house while the box is inside. A refrigeration line connects the condensing unit to the box. It can be complicated to set up and you might need to consult a technician for the installation. Its advantage is that it saves on space and the boxes are more customizable since they do not hold the condensing unit. You can, therefore, choose boxes of any shape or size depending on your needs. Standard Top Mount Refrigeration Unit This refrigeration unit comes when it is complete meaning that it only needs to be installed. A technician can help with the installation to ensure that the evaporator is in place. Poor installation of a standard top mount unit can result in the evaporator handing down in a manner that is likely to reduce the performance. Side Mount Refrigeration Unit This is similar to the top mount unit with the exception that it is mounted to the side of the wall panels. For them to function properly, they must be attached to a drain hose that removes the condensed water. The hose should lead to a drain nearby. Saddle Mount Refrigeration Unit This comes fully assembled and has a special bracket for mounting over the wall panels. This differs from the side mount that requires bolts to attach. Its evaporator coil does not hang down since it is located on top of the unit. With such a pre-assembled refrigeration unit, all you need is transportation to your...

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Benefits of using charter flights

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Charter flights are used as a tool of convenience when you need to travel fast. Businessmen who travel often by charter flights can most likely attest to the convenience of using them and how they can directly impact a business. And it’s not only businesspeople that benefit from these flights; even regular persons use these flights to get to their destinations. Convenient travel This is the main advantage of using charter flights. They offer a convenient time of travel because their schedules can be tweaked to accommodate your needs. These flights need to be booked in advance, but they can also accommodate for next day rush hour flights. Another convenient thing about charter flights is that they offer flights to areas commercial airlines don’t. Regular airlines usually have a predefined route and only stop at a limited number of airports. This leaves out the smaller airports, which only survive thanks to charter flights. They give you the opportunity to get much closer to your destination than a regular plane would. Privacy and security This is another key reason why people prefer using charter flights. You won’t have to be worried about the integrity of the one seated close to you. A small group of close friends or businessmen can book a plane and travel together. Charter planes are available in different sizes, ranging from the ones that can carry five to 10 people to 50 seater planes. Direct destination Charter flights, unlike regular ones, offer a direct route to your destination. Charter flights usually have a different schedule to regular flights, and they don’t normally use a stopover en route. Because they don’t force you through a city so that you can get to another, direct flights will enable you to save time and get you to your business meetings or touring destinations sooner than you expected.  Brief check-in procedure Charter planes also offer a brief check-in procedure. They only check if you are whom you claim to be and then load your baggage. You won’t experience the annoying long lines or insanely crowded airports. Increased productivity If you arrive early enough before your flight, you could have the option to get another that leaves immediately and reach your destination in a more timely fashion. This reduces time wastage and leads to increased productivity. Besides, you can even enjoy the comfortable environment that these planes give you and the strict regulations in regular flights are not at play in charter...

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Get Much More From Your Freight Transportation Services Provider

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Freight transportation services are an integral part of global trade. They serve as the lifeline of inter- and intra-national business supply chains, providing a network that gets supplies to retailers and retail deliveries to end consumers. However, freight services go beyond the usual movement of goods from one port to another. In today’s ever-changing business landscape, coupled with increased trade and stiff competition, freight transport companies can offer your business much more than transit. Customs brokerage For importers and exporters, customs clearance can serve as an impediment to smooth business, causing delays or unexpected costs. Today, some freight service companies have taken it upon themselves to fill this need and integrate customs support into their line of services. This helps importers and exporters get duty estimates even before they order for commodities. Therefore, they can prepare beforehand. They also help with clearance of freight so as to reduce delays at entry points. Intermodal transport service Often clients need different transport solutions so as to get their products from the pickup point to the final destination. This may involve transferring cargo from water to land, land to air or any combination of these options. With a freight company offering multiple channels of transport (intermodal), your freight gets less handling and is moved faster from one mode to another. This reduces interference, helps you plan better for your freight and gives you the assurance that your items will arrive safely and quickly. Supply chain logistics For the most part, freight transport services deal with businesses trying to get their supplies to different supply points within the target market. To avoid repetition of work by both the supplier and freight company, freight services have had to step in and help with supply chain logistics. This way, your goods start dispersing to where they need to be immediately after they arrive. Supply chain services can offer warehousing, merging in transit, cargo separation and dispersion as well as delivery to multiple drop points among other key services. In a way, you get to outsource supply distribution straight from the production point, regardless of where that is. Transport advice for incoming nationals & businesses Last but not least, your freight transport services provider should also provide insightful information about new regions or new freight solutions that can help you get your goods delivered faster, safer or cheaper. This is especially important for incoming nationals or businesses that aren’t familiar with the terrain, supply channels, routes and legal requirements. The same applies to businesses expanding to new regions. In doing so, the freight company is a logistics partner and not just a provider. Now the question that remains is whether you’re getting all that you need from your freight service provider. If you’re not, perhaps it’s time to look for a provider that can. For more information, contact a company like Jayde...

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Why You Should Hire A Charter Bus For Your Wedding

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If you are having a large wedding, you have likely already booked the chapel along with the reception site. Unfortunately, if your reception site is located several miles from the chapel, you may have discovered some people who can’t attend. In an effort to ensure that everyone you want to be there is there for your big day, you may want to consider offering an alternative for those guests. Here are some reasons you should hire a charter bus for your wedding as a solution for your chapel to reception transportation.  Large accommodations A deluxe model charter or coach bus can seat up to 61 people comfortably. This makes it ideal for wedding parties. It also makes them an ideal choice if you have a certain number of people who may decide at the last minute that they would rather take the charter bus accommodations than risk driving back to their hotel or home late at night. There are other options as well, including party bus options and mini bus options that will accommodate less people depending on your needs. Safe and licenced When you hire a charter bus for your guests, you don’t have to worry about their safety if they decide to drink at the reception. You can ensure them a safe ride to and from the reception with a licenced and insured driver. This often is considered a huge benefit for the bride and groom, who don’t want to have to worry about their friends and family on their big night. You can also offer several members of the wedding party as designated chaperones to offer assurance to your guests that they will be taken from the bus to their hotel safely. Drop-off and pick-up Services Some brides and grooms think of the drop-off services that a charter bus offers and do not think of the pick-up services as well. With certain charter bus companies, you can schedule the bus to perform one or several pick-ups throughout the evening. This is ideal for guests that may want to attend to the reception but leave early due to work or other obligations. For those guests that want to stay later, they can wait for another pick-up later in the night. These are just three reasons you should hire a charter bus for your wedding and reception. If you are ready to move forward with the details, contact a local charter bus company like Cathy Glanville. Let them know how many guests you anticipate will be using the service and ask any questions you have. They will be happy to help you schedule the charter bus as well as answer any questions you may...

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