How to Make Your Wedding Charter Transport Fun


If you are planning your big day, you may be wondering how you will get your guest from the ceremony to the location where the party can take place. The easiest way to do this is to charter a bus. However, after the excitement of the wedding, you do not want your guest to become bored before the party. Below is a guide to 3 ways in which you can make your guest journey a fun and enjoyable experience.

6 November 2017

Five Tips for Making a Long Charter Bus Ride Fun and Entertaining


If you are planning to hire a charter bus for a group of travellers, there are lots of tips you may want to keep in mind. In particular, if you're planning a long journey, there are key ideas to consider. Make your experience happy and successful with these tips and ideas: 1. Plan a Scenic Route If the charter bus is going to be on the road for several hours, why not pick the scenic route?

29 July 2017