Three Reasons Taking a Taxi Is Better Than Taking Public Transport


While they're seen as a luxury by many, an increasing number of people worldwide also view taxi services as an essential. Depending on where you live, the public transport options available in your locale can range from incredibly convenient to barely feasible. If you're trying to justify your next taxi trip, here are three reasons why a taxi beats public transport. Sharing a ride with your friends While public transport arguably comes with cost benefits, they come at the expense of some sacrifices.

22 June 2018

Reasons Why Helicopters are Preferred to Drones in Broadcasting F1 Races


In this day and age of technological advancement, drones have become pervasive and can be found almost anywhere. From delivery service provision to video production, the benefits offered by drones cannot be ignored. However, despite the advantages drones offer, one would wonder why they have not been used in live feed broadcasting of Formula 1 races. If you watch an F1 run, you will notice two or more helicopters that provide officials and spectators with real-time information on the track.

26 February 2018