Private Bus Hire Tips


Many people take a casual approach towards hiring buses. As such, they unknowingly make mistakes that increase the rental charges or ruin their relationship with the rental company. Below are private bus hire tips to consider as you rent a bus.  Always Assess The Company Reputation Many people rent buses at the last minute. Therefore, they do not have time to assess the reputation of the various rental companies. As a best practice, you should conduct some background research into the operations of the different companies to ensure you work with the best service providers on the market.

30 September 2022

How To Hire A Refrigerated Transport Company


A problem that business people in the food and produce industry experience is that their products have a short life span. However, their markets are often far from their premises. Refrigeration transport services aim to bridge this gap. Typically, they transport foods and produce in a reefer (a refrigerated container) to ensure they do not lose their freshness, taste and colour during transport. Suppose you are a business person who wants to hire a refrigerated transport company; read this guide for some insightful tips on choosing a refrigerated transport company.

11 January 2022

How To Assess The Terms Of Wedding Bus Hire


Hiring a wedding bus seems like a straightforward affair. However, some people forget to review the terms of wedding bus hire. As such, they get disappointed when they get into disputes with the hiring company. Below is an article discussing what you should check before hiring a wedding bus.  Bus Driver Inquire whether the company will offer a driver to drive the bus. If they provide the driver, inquire whether their fees are included in the hiring charges.

12 April 2021

Top Preparation Tips When Transporting Oversized Loads


Do you plan to transport an oversized load such as a house, yacht, industrial generator or turbine? Heavy haulage can be a nerve-wracking and dangerous affair. Below are some preparation tips to ensure your cargo arrives safely to its destination. Choosing a Heavy Haulage Company Your first task is to find a haulage company that can transport your load. Check the portfolios of reputable companies in the country. Work with a company that handles the haulage process from start to finish.

17 June 2020

Why pallet distribution makes sense for your delivery


When you need to move a large volume of goods then one of the most common and cost-effective ways to achieve that is by using pallet distribution. Pallets are favoured by businesses for many reasons. Two of the biggest reasons why companies prefer pallets to other options are their stability and strength. A strong solution Moving goods in bulk often requires a suitably strong way of transporting them. Even the weight of comparatively light items will soon build up as more and more items are added.

6 January 2020

Top Tips When Choosing Wedding Guest Transport.


Wedding guest transport is an issue of concern as you plan your wedding. The excerpt below discusses some considerations you should make when planning your wedding guest transport.  Car hire.  Car hire is the best means of transport for small groups. You can either choose a saloon car or van to transport guests. Most companies will allow you to decorate the car hire vehicle so long as the d├ęcor does not cause scratches or chips on the car.

15 May 2019

Three Reasons Taking a Taxi Is Better Than Taking Public Transport


While they're seen as a luxury by many, an increasing number of people worldwide also view taxi services as an essential. Depending on where you live, the public transport options available in your locale can range from incredibly convenient to barely feasible. If you're trying to justify your next taxi trip, here are three reasons why a taxi beats public transport. Sharing a ride with your friends While public transport arguably comes with cost benefits, they come at the expense of some sacrifices.

22 June 2018