Book Storage | 4 Steps To Pack Old Books For Transporting To Storage


If you're a reading enthusiast, then you probably have a ton of valuable old books stored in your home. While they're probably safe where they are at the moment, you now have to plan to move them safely to the storage unit when you're moving homes or renovating your existing one. This step-by-step guide will help you pack your old books safely for transporting to the storage unit.

Use Gloves When Handling Them

If you have old books of historical or monetary significance, then you'll want to be extra careful with the way you handle them to ensure that they remain in pristine condition before being transported to the storage unit. Gloves are recommended because old books are likely to contain dust, pollutants or mould, which could potentially irritate your skin. If you prefer not to use gloves, then make sure you clean, wash and dry your hands, so you don't damage the books with unnecessary dirt.

Cover Each Book With Wrapping Paper

If the books are old and tearing, you'll want to prevent them from further damage, so cover each book with wrapping paper as gently as possible. This will prevent the loose ends of the books from coming into contact with other books or the cardboard box, which could tear them out completely. You can easily get wrapping paper from a stationery store. 

Choose An Appropriately Sized Box

Keep in mind that you will want to choose a box that isn't too small or too large for your book collection. If the box is too large and you don't pack it properly, then the books are likely to slide from one side to the other during transport, which can damage them. The cardboard box size should be just right to store your books in after packing. If there are any loose spaces in the box, fill them up with packing paper to snuggle your books tightly into it, leaving no room for damage.

Close The Box And Cover It With Packing Tape

Once you have placed the books in the box, close it and wrap it with packing tape. Place the heavier books at the bottom and the lighter books on the top to distribute weight evenly for better safety while handling. If your book collection is expensive, it's best to mark the box as fragile, so the transporters place the box on the top of other items and not at the bottom.


22 February 2016

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