Five Tips for Making a Long Charter Bus Ride Fun and Entertaining


If you are planning to hire a charter bus for a group of travellers, there are lots of tips you may want to keep in mind. In particular, if you're planning a long journey, there are key ideas to consider. Make your experience happy and successful with these tips and ideas:

1. Plan a Scenic Route

If the charter bus is going to be on the road for several hours, why not pick the scenic route? Even if it adds an hour or two to the journey, it can still be worth it. Rather than just seeing what's at the destination, your group gets to see all kinds of stuff along the way. The charter bus company may be able to give you recommendations on what routes to consider.

2. Stop and Stretch

Whether you travel as the crow flies or take a more circuitous route, your group will need breaks along the way. This is true of travellers of all ages. Young school children will need to stop and run around to get rid of their energy, and older passengers will need to stop and stretch so their muscles and joints don't get all uncomfortable. Remember, to plan stops into your journey.

Don't just stop to eat. Make sure that you plan a few stops where people can get out and explore or walk around.

3. Bring Snacks

Even if the charter bus stops for meals, you should have a few snacks on board. Talk to the charter bus company to see if it is willing to provide snacks. Otherwise, plan your own. Take a cue from airplanes, and go for a bit of protein such as a small packet of nuts. However, make sure that none of your travellers suffer from a peanut allergy. If they do, consider another type of protein-based snack such as dried meat or pumpkin seeds.

4. Hand Out A Fun Bag

To make the time on the charter bus more enjoyable for your group, consider putting together a small gift bag for everyone. The bag could have a travel pillow for naps, a small notebook and pen for drawing, or a mixture of travel games. Alternatively, it could include a mini guide to the place you are going to or a laminated list of fun facts about the places you are driving past.

5. Play Games

To pass the time on the charter bus, consider planning a few games. For example, you can make bingo sheets of items you are likely to see out the window. Then, award prizes as people get bingos.

Contact local charter services for more information and assistance. 


29 July 2017

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