How To Assess The Terms Of Wedding Bus Hire


Hiring a wedding bus seems like a straightforward affair. However, some people forget to review the terms of wedding bus hire. As such, they get disappointed when they get into disputes with the hiring company. Below is an article discussing what you should check before hiring a wedding bus. 

Bus Driver

Inquire whether the company will offer a driver to drive the bus. If they provide the driver, inquire whether their fees are included in the hiring charges. The primary benefit of asking the hiring company to provide a driver is that you will not be held liable if a bus develops problems or get into an accident. 

Operating Routes And Hours

Ask the bus company whether they have restrictions regarding where you can use the bus. For instance, some companies will restrict interstate or intercountry travel. You should also inquire about the company's operating hours. It is especially so if you intend to use the bus at night. For long-distance travel, you should ask the company to provide two drivers. 

Passenger Conduct

Most wedding bus hire companies have strict regulations regarding passenger conduct. Passengers should not litter on the bus. If they do, they should clean up the bus before alighting or pay a cleaning charge. Passengers should not engage in behaviours that could disrupt the driver. It could be bus surfing or engaging in sexual acts. Although passengers can bring food and drinks on the bus, they should not smoke on the bus or consume illegal substances. And passengers should not bring in pets on the bus. 

To ensure that you abide by these rules, most companies will ask the driver to terminate the trip if you break these rules. 

Decorating The Bus

It would be wise to check the hiring terms before decorating the bus. While most companies will allow you to decorate the coach, they are very specific about the decorations you can make. Typically, you will be prohibited from using materials that could strip the coach's paint or those that cannot come off. 

Return Time

Most companies are very particular regarding when you should return the bus. Ideally, they will charge a penalty if you do not return the bus on time. Most companies will give you a grace period before imposing a fine. Besides, they will allow you to extend the hiring period without charging an extra fee. 

Contact a wedding bus hire company near you to learn more.


12 April 2021

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