How To Hire A Refrigerated Transport Company


A problem that business people in the food and produce industry experience is that their products have a short life span. However, their markets are often far from their premises. Refrigeration transport services aim to bridge this gap. Typically, they transport foods and produce in a reefer (a refrigerated container) to ensure they do not lose their freshness, taste and colour during transport. Suppose you are a business person who wants to hire a refrigerated transport company; read this guide for some insightful tips on choosing a refrigerated transport company. 

What Does Your Business Need?

Your immediate task should be to establish what your business needs. Ask yourself: 

  • What volume of goods will you move? Typically, you will either move full truckloads or less than truckload (LTL).
  • What types of products will you transport? For example, do you need to transport meats, fruits, farm produce or a combination of products?
  • Where will you transport the products? Is it to a single destination or multiple destinations?
  • Do you require extra services from the refrigerated company? For example, you might need cold storage in a standard facility or bonded warehouse.
  • What is the frequency of shipping the products? 

Once you establish your business needs, it becomes easy to find a refrigerated transport company. The rule is that your search should start by evaluating the reputation of the various service providers in your locality. Interview fellow industry players and ask them to review the different refrigerated transport companies. These reviews will give insights into the companies to approach or avoid. 

How Should You Interview? 

The secret to interviewing the refrigerated transport company is gaining the upper hand during your first consultation. Ideally, your primary objective should be to establish if the company can transport your products from your premises to the destination without damaging the items. Therefore, ask the company to detail its quality control standards. For example, how do they prepare the products for transport? Inspections help the company staff identify improperly packaged items, damaged or rotten products. Additionally, the company employees should disinfect the reefer with hot water or approved chemicals to eliminate any bacteria from other products. 

The refrigeration company must understand the transportation temperatures of the products you intend to ship. Besides, the company should have proper documentation procedures to trace the point at which the products were damaged. 

Finally, check whether the company operates in the areas you intend to ship your perishables. Besides, examine the company's licences, insurance coverage and ask for guarantees.  


11 January 2022

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